• wine for the weeknight

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soft wine for a soft life

premium wine enhanced with herbs

wine infused with herbs to more softly ease into the night

including antioxidant rich Elderberry and romantic Rose Petals

for nights when you have a morning

premium wine fermented to only about half the alcohol of industrial wine

your day was hard, our wine is easy

made in Napa, no artificial or natural flavors

wine made for the 5to9 after your 9 to 5

low calorie, with almost half the calories of commercial wines

woman owned winery

Drink Like The Ancients: wine inspired by the Egyptians and Romans

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Thank you for creating something great that we can enjoy without being too tipsy to go back to work


I’m now on my 6th day without sugar I’m madly in love with the scent and taste of your wine. I love the flavor! This is a lifestyle change. I’m sold!


We had an intentional group ceremony and started the night with 5to9. We all loved it - thank you for that.


5to9: wine for the weeknight

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